Open enrollment starts November 1. Enroll in Individual and Family Health Plans through January 15.

Individual Medical Insurance

Before the Affordable Care Act, some people opted not to have health insurance at all. That is a costly gamble considering the high expense of medical care after an accident, injury, or long-term illness.

Now, it's the law.

Health coverage can prevent a lot of issues down the road that you might not have anticipated. Preventative care such as annual physicals are covered 100%. You will also have greater peace of mind knowing that you are covered should the unexpected arise.

From out-of-pocket maximums, coinsurance, and policy deductibles to in-network/out-of-network coverage, the language alone can seem to be a barrier in deciphering the healthcare insurance options available. While the technical jargon might be a little daunting, your Mountcastle agent is a specialist in health care coverage; he/she is prepared to guide you through policy options, as well as provide information about specialty policies like short-term insurance, international travel health plans, and prescription drug coverage.

 Exploring your healthcare insurance options alone may feel like getting lost in a maze, but Mountcastle will help you navigate the healthcare labyrinth, making sure you find the right options at the right price. Call us or click on the link below to start exploring your health and/or dental insurance options.

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Individual Medical Insurance FAQs

In some cases, yes. If you are self-employed or have a health savings account (HSA), then it is.

This is the amount of money you would need to pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in to pay for covered expenses.

A co-pay is a pre-set cost, paid by you out of pocket, applicable every time you use a service that has an assigned co-pay. The insurance company agrees to pay the remainder of the cost for the service. The amount of the co-pay will depend on the plan you have and the service provided.

Coinsurance is an amount you pay that is a percentage of the total cost of the services rendered. This payment may be in addition to your co-pay and could apply towards your deductible.