Commercial Property Insurance

Having the right coverage for your business is essential. Every company needs commercial property insurance, whether owning or leasing your business space. This type of coverage protects the physical assets within your building as well as exterior features such as a fence or a sign.

A burst pipe, electrical fire, vandalism, explosion, storm, or theft could serve your thriving business a serious setback. Commercial property insurance protects your investment and keeps your doors open for business, should tragedy strike. And, if you must close temporarily, we can help you with business interruption coverage as well.

Inventory, equipment, or other business property could be replaced, and your building could be repaired in the event of any covered misfortune. Commercial property insurance can also replace lost income and pay suppliers while your business recovers from a covered loss.

Commercial property insurance also protects items left in your company's care, custody, or control. If a customer charges their phone using your outlet and a power surge causes damage to the phone, you could be held responsible. Commercial property insurance covers this type of incident.

Whatever your insurance needs may be, your Mountcastle agent can help you determine how best to keep your business protected. You may need to tailor your policy to increase your coverage.