Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance is a type of coverage used to insure goods being transported over land. The name comes from its history, associated with covering property being  shipped overseas. If you have a transport operation in which you are moving cargo, then you will definitely need inland marine insurance, however this coverage is vital to many industries besides shipping.

In addition to goods being transported, Inland Marine Insurance protects exhibitions and fine art while on loan, exhibit, or in transit. It covers materials and structures during new construction projects and renovations. Inland marine insurance also covers other peoples' property that you are temporarily in custody of, such as if you operate a repair shop or a warehouse.

Inland Marine Insurance is useful for businesses whose employees transport items or data for work purposes in personal or work vehicles. If your business has property that cannot be reasonably confined in a fixed location such as photography equipment, contractor's equipment, computer equipment, medical or scientific equipment, then you may benefit from inland marine insurance.

Perhaps you have insurance for your items on-site and only need to cover them during the actual move (from the moment they are loaded onto a truck until they are installed or put to use). Inland Marine Insurance works in this capacity as well.

Whatever your specialized insurance needs, Mountcastle can help you determine what type of policy will best protect your assets, and we will tailor the policy to suit your needs.

Inland Marine Insurance FAQs

No, while the name originally was related to marine insurance, inland marine insurance specifically covers goods on land. It generally covers items that are movable or are in transit, typically those which require broader coverage than what is included with a Business Owner's or Property Policy.

No. This coverage only protects the property being transported. You will need a separate policy to cover the vehicle. You might want to consider commercial auto insurance or hired and non-owned auto insurance.

Yes. You might choose an all-risk policy that protects against all perils unless expressly stated, or a named-peril policy, which only covers the perils expressly listed in the policy. Your Mountcastle agent can help you determine which policy will be most cost-effective while providing the coverage your business needs.