Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Most situations you encounter in which your business is charged with legal liability for property damage or injury will fall within the liability limits of your standard commercial insurance policy. However, should you be faced with a catastrophic lawsuit (as we are seeing with increasing frequency), you will need additional protection to keep your business safe. It could literally mean the difference between survival and the end of your company. These are some example situations that could happen to any business owner that would require higher liability coverage:

  • One of your employees causes an accident resulting in the permanent disability of the driver of the other vehicle.
  • A product you distribute is tainted and causes multiple people to suffer serious illness or death.

These are just two of the myriad types of unanticipated events that can be life-changing, and business-killing. It is impossible to anticipate these sorts of scenarios or to know just how much coverage you might need to handle all the issues that could arise.

When you find yourself in this sort of predicament, it is a great comfort to have the extra layer of protection that comes with a commercial umbrella policy—filling the gaps between existing policies and taking over when the coverage on those policies is depleted. This type of insurance is designed for those looming things you always feared could happen, and those things you never even imagined were possible. Whether you need small business Umbrella coverage, or a policy to protect a mid to large-sized company, Mountcastle will help you create a commercial umbrella insurance policy that keeps your business safe and leaping over the bumps in the road.